Deadlyseedz Management Entertainment is KillahBee A.K.A. MrPolo. Formed in 2005, he took his writing to new highs and started doing show with an Artist named Half Fade. They started opening up for artist like Lil Wayne, Lil Boosie and Webbie.
    KillahBee is known for his passion as an entertainer, and loves to give the people a show. His career, to date, has taken him many places like Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Salt Lake City, and many others. 
    The year 2017 started at a new high for KillahBee. He was offered a chance to perform in front of Stevie J and Faith Evans at Whiskey North right after KillahBee opened up for the great "MAC" Bennie Sigel for GINTV at club Celebrity's. In 2017, KillahBee released a video called "BAC 2 BUSINESS" on Youtube and got 2k views first week.

    KillahBee is currently in the studio working on a Mixtape called "K.I.L.L.A.H." and the release of his first album called "MY FIRST TIME".

Bringing raw talent into high demand.